2. The page from the diary of an Army Wife.

“It’s been like ages I haven’t cooked!” I said throwing my novel at my side.
“It’s okay.. Start cooking once it’s summer. ” he said typing something in his laptop without even Looking at me.
But as usual I wasn’t convinced.

“Plz tell bhaiya that I am gonna make lunch for everyone tomorrow”
This tym he looked at me and said
“it’s freaking cold.. R u sure?! I mean.. Working with water is gonna be painful!”
And I was like, “Don’t worry! I got this.. Jus call bhaiya and tell him”

Phone rings..
“Memsaab aapko kya kya chaiye bata dijiye.. Saab ne bola aap kitchen mei ayenge” (Ma’m let us know what all you shall be needing in the kitchen )
” Jee bhaiya.. Kal lunch banaungi main.. List bhej deti hun.. App bas check kar lena yeh sab hai ya nai aur mujhe bata dena.. “( I shall be sending you a list just if its there in the kitchen)
” Thik memsaab “(Right ma’m)
” Thank u so much bhaiya ”
” Jai Hind memsaab ”

It was 10:30 am and I though I should go and make arrangements for my dishes.

As i entered the kitchen I see almost 6 people there standing in line 😱😳

” kya ho gaya?! Sab thik toh haina bhaiya?? “( Is everything okay?? )
One of them..
” Jee madam.. Sab thik! Aap bas bata dijiye kya kya karna hai hum kar dete hain.. Aap chair mei baith jaiye.. ”

As soon as he finishes I see one of them running out and emerging with a chair. 😑

” Bhaiya mujhe khana banana hai.. Supervise nai karna.. “😯
” Jee madam! ”
” Bhaiya… 😒 Mujhe khud se sabji kaatke khana banana hai.. ”
” Par madam aap thak jaoge ”
*I see him real concerned and I am out of words.. I keep staring at him blankly*
— awkward silence—

” Bhaiya mujhe bas ek jan kitchen mei chaiye aur baki saare apna apna kaam karenge.. Main khana banaungi.. Ismei Koi badi baat nai hai”😡

*okay so madam is upset and so no more talking..
Everyone vanishes except for Gupta bhaiya.. Who is our awesome cook*
—a sigh of relief— 😌

“Chaliye bhaiya.. Khana banate hain! “😀
*I am all charged up.. *

” Jee madamji!… Par hum bata dete hain.. Aap sabji nai katenge.. Aap humei bataiye karna kya kya hai.. ”

*I am all giggly by now.. *
” Acha chaliye.. milkar katenge! Ab aur kuch nai bolenge aap ”

*I finally see him smile.. *
” jee madam ”

” Ab chaliye.. Chicken marinate kar lete hain.. Warna der ho jayegi ”
” Jee madam.. Aap kaunsa dish banayenge?”
” Simple dahi chicken ”
” Acha.. Aap banao.. Main bhi sikhlunga.. Aur main aap ko ek kissa sunata hun..
6 saal pehle ki baat hai.. Main tab unit mei hi tha…. ”

The next 2 hours.. I had the most interesting conversation I have had in a long long tym..
— life can’t get better than this —


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